Republishing a drunken tweetstorm here with extended commentary.

  1. Twitter is the greatest social platform ever built. Period.

2. No other platform gives me a chance to talk to people like Marc AndreessenChris SaccaTim O’Reilly etc. Twitter empowers us all.

Think about how much 1:1 time you can get with influencers on platforms like Facebook or Snapchat. These people won’t take the time out to send you a snap. Or to really engage with you in comments__. __But on Twitter, which is thought of as an asynchronous broadcasting medium, you get exactly that. __Say something interesting, and you can start a conversation with anyone.

3. Facebook is not a fair comparison. But I quit Facebook because it made me unhappy and dissatisfied. Twitter makes me smart.

Sure Facebook has 1.59 billion users, but that not my field of view. I have some 900 “friends” on Facebook. To me, it doesn’t matter who the other one billion five hundred eighty-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand one hundred users are. I can’t reach out to them to begin a relationship. People have tried this, and they just come off as creeps. Facebook and Twitter are two very different different platforms, with very different use cases. Benchmarking one against the other is not fair to either.

This is NOT the end of Twitter.

Image: Flickr