Hi. I’m Karan.

I’m a software engineer with a knack for entrepreneurship, privacy, and freedom of information.

I’ve worked at a few places: Google, Mattermark, Madrona Venture Labs, Lenskart.com. I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Computer Science in 2016.

In my free time, I read books, send tweets and toots, write a blog, and code. Sometimes, I also invest in startups.


In their essence, these principles will stay with me for a long time. Occasionally, I may reword them for clarity.

  • Public information must be free and open
  • Personal privacy and security are basic human rights
  • Unchecked capitalism has failed us and our planet
  • Ideological extremism is dangerous
  • {F}OSS is better than closed-source

In line with these principles:

  • This website does not spy on you
  • This website has no ads or analytics
  • This website is available on the Tor hidden network: not-currently-available

Brief Work History


  • Senior Software Engineer - Present
    • Tech lead for backend at a new, unannounced health platform (Fitbit).
  • Senior Software Engineer - May ‘19 - Mar ‘21
    • Tech lead for GKE on GCP (Control Plane -> Hardware Accelerator Platform -> K8s Node Platform).
    • Previously, helped launch GKE On-Prem (Anthos) from EAP to GA growing into a Tech Lead.
  • Software Engineer - June ‘16 - May ‘19
    • Helped launch App Engine Flexible Environment under Google Cloud Platform.


  • Software Engineering Intern Jan - Mar ‘16 - Seattle
    • Worked with the data and engineering teams to write large-scale data ingest pipelines, ship web app features and build visualizations for the blog.


  • Software Engineering Intern Jun - Sep ‘15 - Mountain View
    • Worked with the Google Mobile Platform Developer Relations team to produce an open source playground for Google Cloud Messaging using Go (Golang), Polymer and Android and iOS.

Madrona Venture Labs

  • Software Engineering Intern - Mar - Jun ‘15 - Seattle
    • Worked with Madrona Venture Labs, a startup studio, to build ReplyYes.com - an ecommerce-over-text startup. Work included rapid prototyping in Rails and user testing.


  • Software Engineering Intern - Jun - Sep ‘14 - Mountain View
    • Worked with the Street View (Maps) team to make the data ingest pipeline more reliable and faster (for data center uploads).


  • Data Analysis Intern - Jun - Aug ‘13 - New Delhi
    • Worked as a Data Analyst and shipped two custom dashboards with realtime data streams using Tableau.

At the UW, I started the first, and the biggest, developer club - UW Hackers - to expose students to modern technology not present in the classroom. I also founded and lead the biggest student hackathon here - DubHacks (GeekWire coverage).

From Aug 2012 - Aug 2013, I assisted Jeff Huang as a Research Assistant. As part of the research, I collected data, ran statistical tests, visualized the findings and published a blog post about the results.