Earlier today, we announced DubHacks Spring 2015. Today, I’m stepping down as the Director of DubHacks and taking an advisory role. I’ll be working closely with the new team and helping them out in whatever capacity I can. It has been the most extraordinary experience of my life, coupled with some of the most brilliant people I’ve had a privilege to work with.

When we first started planning DubHacks last year, no one knew how much work it would be and how many mistakes we would make. And mistakes we made. Yet, in just the first iteration of a historic event, we accomplished so much and started something so beautiful, that I will live on (hopefully) for decades to come.

We organized Pacific Northwest’s first collegiate and the biggest overall hackathon hosting over 370+ students from all over the US and some international. We partnered with 25+ companies, organizations and UW departments, all of whom had a blast and would like to come back. 

There are mainly 3 reasons for me moving on:

  • I want to see other students take leadership positions and continue the movement we started. I won’t be a student forever, and transitions take time. So now’s the time when I hand over the baton.
  • DubHacks was essentially a full time job for me in Fall 2014, and I don’t say that in a derogatory way. I enjoyed every single bit of it. But with the new freed up time, I can explore more activities and continue growing personally.
  • With my internships at Madrona Venture Labs and Google, I won’t be able to dedicate much time to warrant an official role in the organisation.

Personally, it has been an honor being part of this movement. The people I met, the relationships we forged, and the personal and professional growth I experienced can not be replicated. We have made history. But it is time for a change. I am confident in the future of the hackathon movement and the future of DubHacks.