It’s been over three years since I last updated this little corner of the Internet. Recently, I’ve made the following changes to the blog:

  • No JS, no tracking/analytics

    This blog is 100% Javascript-free. There are no trackers or analytics installed (although, Cloudflare does show me basic analytics). I also decided to remove distractions (parallex, sidebars, sticky headers).

    Simple, safe, clean, fast.

  • Moved away from Github Pages and on to a self-hosted server (NOT the cloud)

    I did this mainly to consolidate my personal infrastructure, and to avoid duplication with setting up a Tor hidden service. It’s still Jekyll, but now running in a Docker container.

  • A new Tor service: goelio7jh5nrmrss.onion

    I don’t think my blog will cause any revolutions any time soon. Setting up a Tor node was as much an idealogical move as a learning opportunity.

  • Cloudflare for DNS with Full SSL

    That means the connection between you and Cloudflare, and Cloudflare and my server, are both encrypted; the latter with a Lets Encrypt certificate. No insert 3-letter government agency can spy on the packets, but Cloudflare still can.

    I tried to avoid Cloudflare but if I have to use a CDN, I must allow some sort of a pseudo-MITM.

Although I am not setting any goals to write with any particular frequency, I am hoping to share more of my thoughts and opinions here during this uncertain but critical time.