When I was 15, I had been using my iMac for a few months, and I had a dream — to meet Steve Jobs, the charismatic visionary who changed lives in a way no one else did. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2011 and I never got a chance to meet him, and now, sometimes, I regret it.

In the last year, I had the honor of meeting some really amazing and successful entrepreneurs — Alexis Ohanian, Ryan Hoover, James Tamplin and Andrew Lee — and listen to their stories and learn from them. I want to continue meeting amazing people this year, pick their brains, get inspired by them, learn from them and maybe even copy them.

In no particular order, here are the nine people I respect, admire and want to meet in 2015:

Since most of them live/work in the bay area, I understand that my only chance to meet them will be during my summer internship at Google. If you know how to score meetings with them, hit me up @karangoel.

Inspired by Ryan’s list.